With millions and millions of steel drum barrels produced all around the world, we are all familliar with important industry asset.

But did you already wonder how they are massively produced ?

On Today FRAME feature let’s take a looks at this fascinatig industry

To create the lids and bases, a machine called a punch press is used. A section of the steel sheet is sandwiched between the upper part of this machine – known as the punch – and the lower part – known as the die. The punch strikes the metal down into the die, forming the shape of the lid or base. The entire process takes just seconds to complete.

The vessels are then transported down the line to a nozzle, where they are automatically filled with the pre-set volume of liquid. The machines then replace the bungs and move the barrels smoothly down the line. This quick and automated method minimizes spillages and ensures precise and uniform liquid quantities in each container.

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